50/50: United States


This wonderful scene is part of my Waiting for Lady Gaga series photographed one sunny morning in Times Square. I was walking north on Broadway and spotted this crowd that had gathered outside the back door of the Good Morning American Studios on West 44th Street. The scene was other worldly; each person seemed frozen in a pose, and the light bathing the scene was reflected off a distant skyscraper. The fans were waiting in droves on both sides of the street with phone cameras at the ready, all facing the exit doors of the studios in anticipation of Lady Gaga’s exit from the building. 

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Grand Central Terminal project featured on Creative Boom


Grand Central Terminal – New York City

All aboard for David Katzenstein’s photography of the hidden parts of Grand Central Terminal

20th April in Inspiration / Photography

How do you photograph the most famous train station in the world without following the same style as everyone else? Anyone who’s been to New York’s Grand Central Terminal will know it’s an incredible space, not just for its classic architecture but for people watching too.

Over 750,000 people pass through the building every day, as they travel to and from work. But it’s also a meeting place, a tourist spot and somewhere you can shop or grab a bite to eat – human energy is everywhere.

In 2014, photographer David Katzenstein was commissioned by a corporate sponsor to explore three transportation hubs in Manhattan. Grand Central Terminal was the first he documented and, with the sponsor’s help, he was given access to areas of the building that are usually off limits to the public. Here is just a glimpse at some of the images he captured. If you love this particular project, you should also see David’s series on the New York Public Library.

  • Katy Cowan / Creative Boom

© David Katzenstein


Good Friday Procession – Church of the Holy Sepulchre


procession – Jerusalem, Israel  2006

A procession leaving the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem on Good Friday.

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© David Katzenstein

CBS News Sunday Morning features Bronx Bodegas project


Bronx Bodegas – Bronx, New York  2016

From the outside, it looks like a nothing-special corner grocery store. But a bodega – a real New York City bodega – is so much more.

“Sunday Morning” asked photographer David Katzenstein to do a series of portraits of bodega owners in the Bronx, documenting the diversity of their merchandise while capturing the spirit of the American Dream.

This series of photographs is part of Katzenstein’s ongoing project RADIANT EXCESS: Inside Bronx Bodegas.

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© David Katzenstein

alfalfastudio Features Grand Central Terminal


Do you believe in love at first sight? The first time I saw New York City, I was taken. For the last 20 years, I’ve had an intense romance with every corner, every building, and every street of the city. That’s why I was very excited when I saw the beautiful images of Grand Central Terminal by photographer David Katzenstein.

In 2014 Katzenstein received a commission to explore three central transportation hubs in Manhattan. Grand Central Terminal was the first hub and he was given access to exclusive areas of the terminal usually off limits to the public. One of my favorite places in Manhattan, “The terminal is an amazing architectural feat where over 750,000 people pass through each day on their way to and from work.” says Katzenstein, “It is a meeting place, a shopping place and a great place to people watch. Human energy is everywhere.”

Enjoy Mr. Katzenstein’s fabulous images, they might make you want to get a ticket to New York to bask in Grand Central Terminal’s unique New York energy.

Click here to see the entire THE URBAN LANDSCAPE: Grand Central Terminal series.

If you love Grand Central Terminal as much as I do, you will enjoy this article. Published by The Telegraph, it presents 100 fascinating facts about this legendary place.

– Rafael Esquer, alfalfastudio

© David Katzenstein

THE EYE OF PHOTOGRAPHY Features Roots of the Blues



Junior Kimbrough – Holly Springs, Mississippi 1988

In the fall of 1988 and ’89, I made two trips to Arkansas and Mississippi with Robert Palmer, who was one of the country’s most respected writers and historians about the history of blues music. We were on assignment for Rolling Stone magazine, and because of Bob’s contacts we had important access to numerous musicians in the area.

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In Memory of Yevtushenko


Babi Yar – Kiev, Ukraine 2004 


Yevgeny Yevtushenko died on April 1, 2017 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Historically he was a Soviet era poet who transcended his time and place with powerful words. In 2004 I was on assignment in the Ukraine, and upon arriving in Kiev my first planned stop was to visit Babi Yar, a ravine located in the outskirts of the city where in September, 1941 was the site of massacres of over 33,000 Jews that took place over a two day period. It was now a tranquil forest surrounded by urban sprawl where memories of evil and sorrow lingered amongst the beautiful trees.

Excerpt from the 1961 poem Babi Yar:

There are no monuments over Babi Yar.

But the sheer cliff is like a rough tombstone.                                        

It horrifies me.                                                 

Today, I am as old As the Jewish people.                         

It seems to me now,                                                                  

That I, too, am a Jew.

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© David Katzenstein

Edge of Humanity Magazine Features Alexander Avenue Project

The Alexander Avenue Project is a collaboration between portrait artist R. Douglass Rice and photographer David Katzenstein. These artists have been friends and collaborators for over 20 years, and this is their current project about the people who make up the livelihood of one block on Alexander Avenue in the South Bronx. The artists spent two days on block where Doug Rice’s studio is located, meeting and photographing the neighborhood regulars.

The initial concept was for Katzenstein to create 10 portraits of individuals who inhabited the block and then Rice would use these images as inspiration in his painting process. Upon completion the artists returned to their subjects to share with them the their creations.

This project was completed in June, 2016.

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© David Katzenstein

THE OXFORD AMERICAN Features Roots of the Blues


Junior Kimbrough’s House PartyHolly Springs, Mississippi  1988
 Between 1988 and ’89, I made two trips to Arkansas and Mississippi with Robert Palmer, who was one of the country’s most respected writers and historians about the history of blues music. We were on assignment for Rolling Stone magazine, and because of Bob’s contacts we had important access to numerous musicians in the area. What became clear as we began our journey together, searching for the roots of the blues, was that the music is part of the Delta landscape and the people we encountered were carrying on an important tradition that spanned many decades. My goal was to visually depict their lives and their love of the musical tradition in which they lived.

My time on the road with Bob was very special. His unbridled excitement of all things Southern was infective. By day we drove to visit musicians in their homes and towns, and by night we visited blues clubs, juke joints, and house parties. Bob’s encyclopedic knowledge of the music and musicians made for an amazing journey.

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EDGE OF HUMANITY Magazine Features I Was There


A selection of photographs from Katzenstein’s long project I Was There: The Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump is being featured in the current issue of the online magazine Edge of Humanity.

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I was there is part of a larger ongoing project POLITICS & PROTEST

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