CBS News Sunday Morning features Bronx Bodegas project


Bronx Bodegas – Bronx, New York  2016

From the outside, it looks like a nothing-special corner grocery store. But a bodega – a real New York City bodega – is so much more.

“Sunday Morning” asked photographer David Katzenstein to do a series of portraits of bodega owners in the Bronx, documenting the diversity of their merchandise while capturing the spirit of the American Dream.

This series of photographs is part of Katzenstein’s ongoing project RADIANT EXCESS: Inside Bronx Bodegas.

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© David Katzenstein


Times Square Project airs on CBS News Sunday Morning


DKatzenstein-Times Square

CBS News Sunday Morning aired a piece on Katzenstein’s Times Square Project on Sunday, June 8. Check it out here

In September 2013 Katzenstein began working with the Times Square Alliance on a long-term project is to create a collection of unique imagery that explores the life and diversity of the square and it’s surroundings. What started out as an interesting project about a place that is central to the vibe of the New York City has blossomed for Katzenstein into a full-fledged adventure on par with his extensive travels to places like India. The world comes to Times Square and during certain moments Times Square seems to be the center of the world. Sensory overload is the norm, and within this complex environment are countless stories playing out on every corner, step and plaza.

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