THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE: Politics & Protest


International Women’s Day – New York City 2017

This series of portraits of women were taken on Wednesday, March 8, 2017, when women all over the world celebrated International Women’s Day in many different ways. In New York City the festivities began at noon in midtown Manhattan, on the corner of 59th Street and Fifth Avenue. As the organizers spoke the crowd continued to stream in from different directions, carrying signs and chanting in unison their solidarity with women’s rights everywhere. Spirits were high as women congregated with signs in groups, cheering on each speaker. At the conclusion of the rally, the organizers announced that all participants should now march along Central Park South towards the Trump Hotel. That is where the event morphed into a 1960’s style protest documented in the next series.

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Long Island City, Queens

Public arts access and education lie at the cornerstone of The Welling Court Mural Project. Bordering the Ferry Landing and the Ravenswood Houses in Astoria, New York, the Mural Project sprawls through the neighborhood and epitomizes the ethos of collaboration, galvanizing residents, business owners, and community members in a universally recognized cultural movement. Future documentation of the changing murals and urban landscape coupled with artist profiles and scholarly analysis will work to increase awareness and firmly cement this enclave’s status as an important cultural destination.
In October 2017, David Katzenstein and Gay Feldman began an ongoing collaboration with the project director and founder. Our efforts will help realize the production of commercially viable products and catalog, providing a limited income stream that will support the ongoing mural project.
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GOING DOWN: Private Moments in a Public Space


I created a series of private moments of people in a public environment, on a very busy set of escalators in a New York City mall. From a particular heightened vantage point I was able to localize individuals or groups of people as they made their descent, creating what seems like ‘film stills’ – reflective moments captured in time and space. Each image has a story behind it for the viewer to fill in the blanks. These photographs are part of a larger ongoing project entitled The Urban Landscape.

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Remembrance – 9/11


September 11, 2016 – New York City

The Firemen’s Memorial is a 1913 monument on Riverside Drive at 100th Street in Manhattan. It is a beautiful and grand memorial to firefighters who have died over the centuries. Since the devastation of September 11, 2001 this site has been the official meeting place each year by Firefighters from all five boroughs and also from visiting firefighters from all over the world. Each year on that day 1000s of men and women in uniform gather to pay tribute to those who died on that auspicious day. I began documenting the ceremonies in 2002 and have continued on and off for 15 years. The collection presented here is from September 11, 2016.

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50/50: United States


This wonderful scene is part of my Waiting for Lady Gaga series photographed one sunny morning in Times Square. I was walking north on Broadway and spotted this crowd that had gathered outside the back door of the Good Morning American Studios on West 44th Street. The scene was other worldly; each person seemed frozen in a pose, and the light bathing the scene was reflected off a distant skyscraper. The fans were waiting in droves on both sides of the street with phone cameras at the ready, all facing the exit doors of the studios in anticipation of Lady Gaga’s exit from the building. 

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50/50: Argentina, Austria, Bhutan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, England, France, Germany, Guatemala, Haiti, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Oman, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, United States

Grand Central Terminal project featured on Creative Boom


Grand Central Terminal – New York City

All aboard for David Katzenstein’s photography of the hidden parts of Grand Central Terminal

20th April in Inspiration / Photography

How do you photograph the most famous train station in the world without following the same style as everyone else? Anyone who’s been to New York’s Grand Central Terminal will know it’s an incredible space, not just for its classic architecture but for people watching too.

Over 750,000 people pass through the building every day, as they travel to and from work. But it’s also a meeting place, a tourist spot and somewhere you can shop or grab a bite to eat – human energy is everywhere.

In 2014, photographer David Katzenstein was commissioned by a corporate sponsor to explore three transportation hubs in Manhattan. Grand Central Terminal was the first he documented and, with the sponsor’s help, he was given access to areas of the building that are usually off limits to the public. Here is just a glimpse at some of the images he captured. If you love this particular project, you should also see David’s series on the New York Public Library.

  • Katy Cowan / Creative Boom

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CBS News Sunday Morning features Bronx Bodegas project


Bronx Bodegas – Bronx, New York  2016

From the outside, it looks like a nothing-special corner grocery store. But a bodega – a real New York City bodega – is so much more.

“Sunday Morning” asked photographer David Katzenstein to do a series of portraits of bodega owners in the Bronx, documenting the diversity of their merchandise while capturing the spirit of the American Dream.

This series of photographs is part of Katzenstein’s ongoing project RADIANT EXCESS: Inside Bronx Bodegas.

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Edge of Humanity Magazine Features Alexander Avenue Project

The Alexander Avenue Project is a collaboration between portrait artist R. Douglass Rice and photographer David Katzenstein. These artists have been friends and collaborators for over 20 years, and this is their current project about the people who make up the livelihood of one block on Alexander Avenue in the South Bronx. The artists spent two days on block where Doug Rice’s studio is located, meeting and photographing the neighborhood regulars.

The initial concept was for Katzenstein to create 10 portraits of individuals who inhabited the block and then Rice would use these images as inspiration in his painting process. Upon completion the artists returned to their subjects to share with them the their creations.

This project was completed in June, 2016.

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THE EYE OF PHOTOGRAPHY Features I am a Muslim Too



20170477-edit I am a Muslim Too rally in Times Square, NYC on Sunday, February 19, 2017

On Sunday, February 19, 2017 a couple thousand people gathered in Times Square to show their support for Muslims, who have been singled out by the Trump administration because of their faith. All types of people attended, from students to families to rappers to our mayor. The mood was hopeful, a gathering rather than a protest.

This series of photographs is part of Katzenstein’s ongoing project POLITICS & PROTEST

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I am a Muslim Too



I am a Muslim Too rally in Times Square, NYC on Sunday, February 19, 2017

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